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  • Before operating your spa read your owner's manual. Write your Brand, Model, Serial Number, and Date of Purchase on the manual for future reference. If there is a warranty card, fill it out and send it in to the manufacturer or register online. Keep this manual in a place where you can find it so you can reference it if necessary.  If you did not receive a manual call our service department and order one.  There is valuable information from the manufacture of your Spa contained in the manual.
  • Make sure your spa is placed on an appropriate surface and installed to meet the manufactures specifications and local building codes. Make sure wiring meets all manufactures recommendations and local building codes.
  • Fill spa with fresh water to approximately 1/2 way up skimmer/ filter opening.
  • Turn on all pumps and blowers.
  • Add 1 oz (appx. tbs) of Dichlor Granular Chlorine (Spa Sanitizer) per 250 gal of spa water directly into spa.
  • Run pumps for 15 minutes to purge all contaminates that may be present in plumbing.
  • Adjust pH if necessary. (Usually not necessary on initial fill up)
  • Add a full bottle of Natural Enzyme or install Nature 2 cartridge in filter if one came with your spa.

DO NOT USE BROMINE OR CHLORINE TABLETS AS DAMAGE TO YOUR SPA MAY OCCUR:  We only recommend sodium Dichlor granular chlorine (Spa Sanitizer), potassium Peroxymonosulfate (Spa Oxidizer), ozone purifier, natural enzymes or Nature 2 mineral purifier.

SPA OXIDIZER A non Chlorine Shock treatment and oxidizer. Refreshes your spa without using chlorine. Works well on spas with ozone treatment. May be added with chlorine to remove chlorine odor or used with non chlorine purifiers instead of chlorine. You may add this as needed.  
SPA STAIN AND SCALE Inhibits calcium build up on surfaces like the spa shell, heater, filter, etc. 
FOAM DOWN Removes excessive foaming of spa water surface.  Add as necessary.
SPA CLARIFIER Added if spa is cloudy to help clear up the water.  Helps filter remove small particles better.


  • Use test strips to check chlorine and pH once or twice a week depending on usage of spa. You do not need to worry about the other tests on the strip. (If your spa is equipped with ozone and you are using Natural Enzymes or a Nature 2 purifier cartridge, chlorine may not be present, as ozone knocks chlorine out of the water. You will only use chlorine as a shock treatment if spa needs it. We recommend shocking it once a week or any time your spa looks hazy. If you do not have ozone you will need to keep a 1.5- 3.0 ppm reading of chlorine in the water at all times.
    It is important to keep your pH reading between 7.4 and 7.8 as chemical damage is not covered under warranty and can be extremely destructive to your spa..
  • Before adding chemicals turn on all pumps
  • Adjust pH by adding 1or 2 oz of pH UP or pH DOWN to attain a 7.4 to 7.6 pH level if necessary. Wait 24 hours before retesting.
  • If your spa needs chlorine add 1/2 oz (appx 1tbs) of Spa Sanitizer (Dichlor) or Spa Oxidizer per 250 gal of spa water. 
  • If spa is cloudy, feels slimy on the walls or has noticeable algae double the dose of Dichlor. You may also add spa oxidizer.
  • Add any specialty chemicals you desire like CLARIFIER, STAIN & SCALE, etc.
  • Run pumps for 10 to 15 min. to circulate chemicals.
  • Inspect and clean filter as necessary (usually once or twice a month). To clean remove filter and use a high pressure garden hose nozzle to spray off dirt. You may also need to soak in a filter cleaner if it is very soiled or clogged. You should replace your filter(s) if it looks worn or won’t come clean.


  • If you are using the Natural Enzyme you need to add a new bottle every 3 months.
  • If you are using a Nature 2 Purifier cartridge it needs to be replaced every 4 months
  • Drain spa water once or twice a year. Make sure spa is shut off at breaker before draining. When refilling you may have to prime your pump if it gets air in the line. If you turn on the pump and it will not circulate the water turn the spa off at the breaker and call our service department for instruction on how to bleed the air out of the pump.
  • Clean and treat cover with a vinyl protectant as needed at least once per month.


NEVER LEAVE SPA WITHOUT WATER, unless servicing and only for a short period.   In a desert climate it can damage the spa shell surface.  It can also dry up seals and cause leaks. 
ALWAYS KEEP YOUR SPA COVERED WHEN NOT IN USE.  This will keep the damaging sunrays off your spa and the dirt out.  Make sure you lock the cover to keep a wind storm from blowing the cover off the spa and damaging the cover. 


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