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Spa Cover Lifts



Tired of dragging a heavy bulky spa cover on and off your spa?

...then a Cover Lift is 
the answer for you!

They install in less than one hour and makes cover removal a one handed job for anyone.

Preserves your cover and spa from damage caused by dragging, scuffing and dropping. 

Our cover lifts have a lifetime warranty and are a must have for every spa.

Order yours today!

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 Cover Rock-it


Very easy to install!

With Cover Rock-It - No drilling into the spa cabinet is necessary. It's mounting plates simply slide underneath the spa and the spa's weight holds it in place.

Cover Rock-It fits most of today's spas up to 96", offering ease of use and affordability.

It slides effortlessly behind the spa enabling a view from all sides and reduces cover wear and tear by keeping the cover off of the ground. The powder coated finish and improved frame strength ensures years of effortless spa cover removal.


 CoverMate I


As the world’s most popular cover lift, the CoverMate I is easy to install, even easier to use, and features a sleek, elegant look to complement any spa.

  • Black powdercoated, rust-free construction
  • Non-corrosive composite mounting brackets
  • Requires just ten inches of clearance behind spa
  • 12-point, 14-inch mounting system provides ultimate strength
  • Fits virtually any spa up to eight feet in width

 CoverMate II


This “understyle” bracket system allows the spa cover to rest lower against the spa for a less obstructed view. The bracket system can be mounted low on the spa or slid underneath it.

  • Black powdercoated, rust-free construction
  • Non-corrosive composite mounting brackets
  • Understyle bracket is perfect for plastic-skirted spas
  • Requires just 18 inches of clearance behind spa
  • Fits virtually any spa up to eight feet in width

 CoverMate III


Ideal for when clearance behind the spa is limited, this hydraulic lift utilizes an exclusive windlock system that virtually eliminates broken shock syndrome.

  • Higher perceived value
  • Trouble-free performance
  • Two large 25-inch brackets for extra stability
  • Requires just six inches of clearance behind spa
  • Available with optional deck-mount bracket

 CoverMate Easy


Simple design and great value highlight this traditional lift. It works on practically any spa while maintaining a sleek look and strong functionality.

Perfect for use with a gazebo, spa surround, or any spa location with a difficult clearance.

  • No moving parts or unsightly chains
  • Only 20 inches of clearance is needed
  • UV resistant, nylon catch straps
  • Made of larger aluminum tubing to reduce twisting and torquing

 CoverMate Freestyle


Perfect for round, octaginal and uniquely-shaped spas, this lift can be mounted on virtually any spa. The base system simply slides under the spa creating a massive amount of support.

  • Positions out of the way, allowing for full spa use and additional privacy
  • Needs only 20 inches of clearance
  • Quick installation
  • Works on virtually any spa up to 36 inches tall

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