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Spa Covers


Withstand Harsh Arizona Summers!

The most durable replacement 
spa cover for hot tubs available!

Built to withstand the effects of sun and weather, 
saving energy with a lower total cost of ownership.

"A spa without a cover is like a refrigerator without a door!"

At first look, spa covers may look the same but they are not.  

A spa cover is one of the most important parts of your spa! It keeps the heat in and the dirt out.

Our covers will last much longer than an average spa cover because of they way they are made.

They feature a non-corrosive metal spine to prevent sagging or caving, tapered foam core, key locking fastener, and a super-thick moisture barrier.

They are made in Arizona with quality stitching, attention to detail, and the best overall workmanship.




Cover Features

  • Polystyrene close cell tapered foam inserts 
    are heat sealed in 4 millimeter plastic
  • Premium Marine Grade Vinyl
  • 2 reinforced padded handles
  • Polyester bonded threading
  • Galvanize steel reinforced hinge
  • 100% Polyester laminate backing
  • Drain holes
  • 3.5" Perimeter Flap (standard)
  • Bromide & anti-mildew treated
  • Highest UV protection
  • 10 colors
  • 2 reinforced nylon handles
  • 4 mil water repellant liner
  • Double Stitched Seams
  • Built and Constructed to Exceed ASTM Rating for CHILD SAFETY!
  • 4-Key Locking tie downs keep children and unwanted guests out

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We also offer


How to Measure for your Spa Cover

  1. Review the diagrams below and determine which cover shape you will need, ie; square, octagon, circle, etc.

  2. Measure your spa. Measure your dimensions from the spa itself and not from the old cover which may be warped, bent, broken, or so water logged that it no longer fits properly. 

    Make sure and measure to the OUTSIDE lip of your spa, not the base cabinet, but to the OUTSIDE of the spa that extends above the base cabinet.

  3. Record all your measurements in inches, rounded up to the nearest 1/2".

  4. Double check all of your measurements. If your old cover is in reasonable condition, you may double-check your measurements taken from the spa with those of the old hot tub cover.

  5. Allowing a little extra space is recommended. A spa cover that is slightly larger than the acrylic spa shell will look and function properly. A hot tub cover that is too small not only looks poor, it under-performs.

  6. Download and enter the spa dimensions on our order form. Or call us at 602-275-3036.

    Measurements must be exact for your cover to fit correctly.
    Spa covers are custom made and all sales are final. 
    Payments are not refundable.

Use our Online Order Form, or Call 602-275-3036

We offer Spa Cover Replacements for ANY SPA including Jacuzzi, Sundance, Hot Spring, 
Marquis, Cal Spa, Dimension One, name it, we'll make it!

We can even make Spa Cover Replacements that most other spa cover makers can't.

Call us for a quote if your spa replacement cover is larger than 96"
or requires special cutouts (speakers, waterfalls, control panels, etc.)

How to Preserve your Spa Cover


Cover Lifts

Protect your investment and lengthen the life of your hot tub's insulating cover by reducing wear and tear from dragging it on and off your spa. Reduces wear on your spa's finish as well!

Make using your spa more pleasurable! Many people find a cover lift encourages them to use their spa much more often!

See our Full Line of Cover Lifts   Here


303 Spa Cover Protectant


Unlike may vinyl protectants  303 uses SPF40 UV inhibitors to protect against harmful UV rays.

Recommended by many high end boat manufactures to protect their marine interiors, it's the only thing we recommend for treating your spa cover. 

303 repels dust, dirt, oils, tree sap and stains to maintain surface integrity, and will greatly extend the life of your cover.

Restores lost color and luster. Makes faded vinyl look like "factory new" again... and with regular use keeps it that way.

303 treated vinyl stays cleaner longer, and cleans up easier.

Easy application - Spray on, Wipe dry.

To order 303, call 602-275-3036. Or stop by our store: 
Spa World, 4357 E. McDowell Rd. in Phoenix. 

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