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Electrical Requirements

We are not responsible for providing the electrical hookup for your spa. It must be installed to proper electrical codes and to the manufactures specifications as outlined in your owner’s manual. We strongly recommend you use a licensed electrician that is familiar with pool and spa wiring codes.  We will gladly provide you with the name of a qualified electrician to provide this service for you.  We will not hookup to electrical that is not to code for your safety and ours.

240v Spa Models

Most 240v spas we sell require a 50 amp 4 wire service, with #6 conductor wires. Some units require a 60 amp service. Always use copper wire. Swim Spas may require an even larger service depending on which model you choose. Consult your owner’s manual for the correct service required. (See below for electrical references for each of the series we carry) Romex style cable is not acceptable for pool or spa wiring because it has a bare (un-insulated) ground wire. The ground wire must be a continuous unbroken ground. Wire nuts or other similar joining methods are not allowed on the ground wire.

All hot tubs must have a GFCI circuit breaker installed. There must be a means of disconnecting the spa in case of emergencies, (I.E. breaker panel, sub panel, or disconnect service box). A quick disconnect service box or subpanel must be within line of sight of the spa but no closer than 5ft. Our delivery crews are not electricians and will not bring any electrical parts with them. They will connect your wires to the spa if the proper pigtail and all hookup parts are provided. They will not hookup to anything that appears to be unsafe or not to code.


120v Spas & Above Ground Pools

Must have a dedicated outlet and be protected with a GFCI breaker. Plug'n'play style spas, usually come with a GFCI attached to their plug. In the cases of a above ground pools, the outlet will need to have a GFCI built into it. All outlets should be checked by a qualified electrician to make sure enough service exists and it meets proper electrical code. All outlets must be grounded. A 15-amp unit requires a minimum 14-gauge wire size. 20 amp units require a minimum #12 gauge wire. We do not recommend the use of extension cords. Consult your owner’s manual for specific installation instructions on the product you purchased.

(See below for electrical references for each of the series we carry)

Pool & Spa Surfaces And Site Selection

Choosing The Right Spot For Your Hot Tub Can Be Just As Important As Buying A Well Build Hot Tub.

Hot tubs, when full, can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds (1,361 kg). For this reason, you will need a firm foundation on which the hot tub can rest. If you don't have a firm foundation, you risk damaging the tub voiding any warranty it comes with. Your new spa should be placed on a uniformly flat hard surface, preferably concrete, properly installed concrete pavers or wood decks built to proper weight baring capacity. Balconies and decks must be constructed to current state and local codes and should support the weight of the item you purchased. A spa should never be places directly on gravel or dirt. No matter how hard dirt or gravel seems now add water, pressure, and time, and you have a recipe for disaster.

If you are getting steps or a gazebo make sure the area is large enough to accommodate those items. It is recommended all freestanding gazebos be set on a concrete pad and properly anchored. Also, make sure sprinkler heads are capped off or adjusted so as not to cause damage to your product. Please make sure adequate drainage exists should you have flooding or a leak develop in the product. This is particularly important for indoor or partial in-ground installations.

All pools should be set up on hard compacted ground within 2” of level. All sharp objects must be removed from under the pool. Pools may be set up on ½” Styrofoam to give bottom added protection from sharp objects.

We will not be held responsible for product damage, incidental or consequential damages arising from improper surface or site selection. Please refer to your owner’s manual for specific installation instructions.

Spa Delivery And Removal Requirements

We will send a 2 man delivery crew with all terrain dollies. We will need a clear path to role your spa into your yard. Walk the path the spa will travel and measure all gates, and overhead clearances. Our normal delivery will not include making access or going up or down stairs.

A. Gate Width

We need a gate that is at least 2” wider than your spa is tall.  Most spas will fit through a 38” opening but the larger ones may require a larger opening.  We can move your spa flat (like it normally would sit) or on its side (like an upright piano) or a combination of both methods

B. Overhead Clearance

We will need overhead clearance of 8" taller than the width of your spa. This is to accommodate our dolly. Example: if you have a 7' wide spa we need 7'8” overhead clearance

C. & D. Other Obstacles

Make sure that all trees, brush, and obstacles are trimmed or removed prior to delivery.  Make sure there is enough room for the spa to pass any air conditioning units completely.


All removal spas must be drained, disconnected and ready to move. All obstacles must be removed prior to us showing up on site. Built in spas will not be removed without a separate removal bid. Walk the path the spa will travel and measure all gates, and overhead clearances. Our normal delivery will not include making access. Swim Spas and oversize spas over 8’ will require a crane. IT WILL BE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE US WITH PROPER ACCESS TO GET THE SPA IN THE YARD. IF WE HAVE TO MAKE ACCESS OR A SECOND TRIP IS NEEDED THERE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE. IF A CRANE IS NEEDED THE FEES WILL BE THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY.

If your product is an order item it is impossible for us to guarantee an exact date your spa will arrive. The desired date on your contract is just that and does not guarantee delivery date. Order items can take up to 30 days for us to receive possession of it. When we have your item in stock you will be notified to arrange a delivery date. All delivery and set up times are approximate.

ALL PAYMENT ARRANGMENTS MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO DELIVERY. We accept cash, preauthorized debit card, certified bank check, money order, or preauthorized credit card. Personal checks will only be accepted if they have time to clear our bank prior to delivery. If you are financing your purchase all necessary paper work must be signed before delivery.

The delivery crew will have you inspect your product and sign that it was received in good order. If there is damage or other problems, you need to note it on the delivery sheet at the time of delivery. Any problems will be taken care of by our service department in a prompt and professional manner. If you refuse delivery without prior authorization from our office there may be a re-delivery fee to bring it back out. Our crew will be happy to instruct you on the proper operation of your spa or pool at the time delivery. If you cannot be present for the orientation we will be happy to provide one for you in our store or by phone. If you require a second trip to provide this service an additional charge may apply.